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 Game Rules & Forum Declarations

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PostSubject: Game Rules & Forum Declarations   Sun Jan 01, 2012 12:47 pm

The rules in the game specify (though the German translation into English could be better) that when declaring war on an alliance you have to publish this in the forum.

Though declarations are welcomed in the unofficial forum (this one), in order to stay within game rules, war declarations have to be stated in the official forum located http://orionempires.com/forum

Equally, a cessation of war has to be declared in the same thread where the war was declared.

The founder Admin(s) has requested that I make this clear to members on here.

In other words, please do not confuse this forum as being or acting in an official capacity for OrionXnova.com or OrionEmpires.com - the reason we are an unofficial forum to the games.

Please do note the above as you may find yourself or run the risk of a game ban by not declaring war in the proper official forum.
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Game Rules & Forum Declarations
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