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 Forum Log Update

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PostSubject: Forum Log Update   Fri Dec 30, 2011 7:52 am

29th July 2018:: This forum becomes main game posting forum once again.
14th July 2018:: OsilisO.com & OrionXnovA.com resurrected.
29th January 2016:: OrionEmpires site broken
27th March 2013:: Anon persuades developers to make this the main forum for Orionxnova.
27th March 2013:: Added new header to forum.
27th March 2013:: Added Orionxnova Fenix category and forums.
27th March 2013:: Orionxnova.com project restarted.
23rd March 2013:: Anon sends out newsletter challenge to forum members.
23rd March 2013:: Anon persuades developers to make this forum main forum to site.
23rd March 2013:: Anon adjusts forum to reflect Nexus Rebirth Universe.
18th March 2013:: OrionEmpires.com commences Rebirth with Nexus. The best development to date.
3rd November 2012:: Orionempires.tk & orionxnova.tk domains abandoned & pulled.
5th October 2012: Orionxnova.com project abandoned & ceases.
21st July 2012:: Developers experiment on several universes later abandoned and deleted.
1st  January 2012:: Anon registers the free domain orionxnova.tk and points it to forum  
1st  January 2012::  The Shadow reconfirms Moderator status
31st December 2011::  Dark Dawg, The Fallen, Altair, athen2, upthevale de-Moderated (two many)
31st December 2011::  Portal page display modified and now improved (no silly ads)
30th December 2011::  Game Help and Unofficial Forum News added
30th December 2011::  New header and minor design changes
30th December 2011::  Chat box moved to page footer
30th December 2011::  Anon given total control of forum
30th December 2011::  Anon made Moderator and then Administrator
30th December 2011::  Anon registers the free domain orionempires.tk and points it to forum
30th December 2011::  Anon requests forum be cleaned from spam
16th January 2011::  Developers & Administrators give forum to members
16th January 2011::  Dark Dawg, The Fallen, The Shadow, Altair, athen2, upthevale made Moderators
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Forum Log Update
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