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 Selling my secondary account

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PostSubject: Selling my secondary account   Fri Nov 13, 2009 11:54 am

First: this will last until the 20th of November of 2009.
Second: The trade is to anyone whom may want a lower (or higher) second account.
Third: The shipments must be given to my main account before I will give you the password (this may change if I know you personally).
Fourth: Ask me if it is not already taken before you ship the suppies to me so that time and resources are not wasted.
Fifth: The bid starts at a low 100000 Deuterium.
Sixth (and last): My user name is currently Scarface. You will be buying pi_genuis.

This is a great way for the higher people to get a lower account, and for lower people to get a higher account.
I have also listed this because I have noticed that the other trades do not point out these needed facts.
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Selling my secondary account
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