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 What to do after getting banned

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PostSubject: What to do after getting banned   Fri Jun 12, 2009 1:19 pm

One day I went to login to Orionstella and I got the message that I was banned and to check back after so many hours. Not sure how many now.

During this time, even though I could not login in Admin attacked my fleet due to exploiting exploits in missiles and Titans and knocked out by planetary defenses. I had big fleet and big defenses. Luckily Admin did not destroy any bases or moons.

I didn't know this until after I logged in. Then I saw the damage. I was going to quit the game. Then to add insult to injury another player decided to attack the little fleet I had left over so remarks made in Open Chat.

This made me MAD. I wasted two days building fleet like krazy. By the way, build up your bank deposits as that never got touched. Well, anyway, as my planets had over 10 Nanite factories and shipyards this gave me zero production time.

My first counter attacks were against a fortress planet. So, I had to really spend resources like nothing before. Little known to me I actually overspent resources and now I have a large fleet that can devastate anyone in this game.

The moral of this story is that there is life after a Admin ban and even after an Admin attack.

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What to do after getting banned
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